Bicycle Accident Claims

Bicycle Accident Claims

It’s more commonplace today than ever to see cyclists out on Limerick’s roads. Unfortunately this means more cyclists are injured by motorists, or even other cyclists. Most accidents are caused by negligent drivers who weren’t paying attention when the accident with the cyclist took place. Mary Murphy is one of Limerick’s leading personal injury solicitors who frequently helps clients who have been involved in a cycling accident that wasn’t their fault.  Victims of bicycle accidents are entitled to personal injury compensation to cover medical costs and other expenses that have arisen due to the cycling accident. Mary Murphy looks forward to helping anyone who has been involved in a cycling accident get the compensation they deserve.

As an experienced law firm, Mary Murphy Solicitors understands that the increasing popularity of cycling, whether for commuting, sport, or leisure, has unfortunately led to a rise in bicycle accidents. We are here to guide and assist you with any bicycle accident claims.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another party, such as a motorist, local authority, or manufacturer, you have the right to claim compensation. It is your right to seek justice, and our mission is to ensure you achieve it.

What to do after a bicycle accident?

It may take time to process your bike accident compensation claim, so you should contact Mary Murphy as soon after the accident as possible so she can start the ball rolling. There are a number of things you will need to do before your bicycle accident compensation can be filed.

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Your health comes first

There is a good chance that if you are a victim of a cycle accident you will have some injuries that will need treatment. It’s inevitable when a small vehicle like a bicycle comes into contact with a larger vehicle that there will be some injuries and damage to the bicycle itself. If you believe your injuries are serious you or another road user will need to call an ambulance to get you to hospital as soon as possible. At the very least you should visit the nearest accident and emergency department of your local hospital so that you can be examined and treated as required.

Record contact details

For your sake you hope that the driver who caused the cycle accident will remain at the scene. This will allow you to get his or her contact details and vehicle registration. It will be useful if you can write down any eye witness’s contact details. This will help to prove who caused the cycle accident.

Get photographic evidence

Most people carry a smart phone which has a camera, so with this you can take photos at the scene of the accident. If you need urgent medical treatment, return to the accident scene when you are well enough.

Call the Gardai

Gardai reports can help when it comes to providing evidence for a personal injury claim following an accident. If your cycle accident is serious, the Gardai will be there in no time at all. They will compile an accident report which will include their observations, eye witness’s statements and a statement from you and any other drivers’ involved. The Gardai will enter the report into the Road Traffic Accident Report Book. You and your solicitor will be able to view the report and use it as evidence for your bicycle injury compensation claim.

Keep hospital records and receipts safe

Not all injuries or side effects from a trauma like a cycle accident reveal themselves immediately. You should make your way to your local hospital for a medical examination. This will reveal any possible long-term health issues as a result of the cycle accident. You should keep the medical report and any receipts for medical treatment or prescriptions that are due to your cycle accident. This will provide some evidence of the injuries caused by the cycle accident that wasn’t your fault which can be used to support your cycling accident compensation claim.

Loss of income

If you are entitled to personal injury compensation the amount you receive will be determined partly based on the financial hardship you are experiencing as a result of the accident.  You may have taken time off work to fully recover so you may have had to suffer the financial impact of loss of earnings.  This is taken into consideration when calculating your personal injury claim.

A solicitor will help you claim the compensation you deserve

Filing for personal injury compensation is never easy, but if you talk to Mary Murphy, Limerick’s preferred personal injury solicitor, she will relieve you of the burden of making the claim on your own. The solicitor will need to claim compensation on your behalf from the insurance company of the driver who caused your cycle accident. Insurance companies rarely pay compensation without contesting the claim first and sometime they even get way with paying a lower amount than your entitlement. A solicitor will make sure this will never happen and will work tirelessly until a fair personal injury claim has been won on your behalf.   Mary Murphy’s experience of successfully winning bicycle accident compensation claims shows how important the role of a solicitor is when it comes to getting the compensation that’s rightfully yours.

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