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Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

If you have you been a victim of a road traffic accident and it was not your fault, whether you were a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian and you have had to endure a minor injury like a broken arm or a more serious traumatic brain injury, you should contact Mary Murphy, the preferred personal injury solicitor in Limerick.  She specialises in road traffic accident compensation claims and works tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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When a road traffic accident compensation claim should be made

Many people are involved in minor road traffic accidents every day and all that seems to be damaged is their pride. However, some injuries even in what seems to be a minor traffic accident don’t become evident until sometime after the accident has taken place. One notable injury is whiplash, a painful injury to the neck, which is caused when the neck moves rapidly in a forward and backward motion when the driver has to brake suddenly.

This sort of injury doesn’t show symptoms until later on, but a doctor may be able to tell in advance if you are likely to suffer the pain associated with whiplash. Even if you have a minor accident and it wasn’t your fault, you should gather any evidence to show what caused the accident, just in case later on you find yourself in pain. This could be a motorbike accident, a bicycle accident, a car accident or even an accident with a truck.

How to get compensation in a road traffic accident

In order to be eligible to file a road traffic accident compensation claim, the key requirement is to prove that somebody else was negligent and this negligence caused the accident and your injuries.  You need to start your personal injury road traffic accident claim as soon as possible. This is because you may find the negligent driver refuses to take responsibility. If this happens it’s important to gather all the proof necessary to prove who caused the road traffic accident.

Contact details of driver and witnesses

At the scene of the accident the contact details of the driver who allegedly caused the accident should be recorded as well as insurance details, vehicle registration and contact information for any eye witnesses.

Photographic proof at the accident scene

Take photos of the accident scene using your mobile phone’s camera. This helps to preserve evidence that will soon be lost forever.

Report the road traffic accident

Depending on how serious the accident is, there may or may not be Gardai present at the scene. If there isn’t, you should pay a visit to the Garda station yourself as quickly as possible and report what happened. You should be able to record it in the road accident book which is present in every Garda station.

Hospital records and treatment receipts

If you need medical treatment make sure a record is kept which you can access if you need to. Also, if you are required to make any payments for treatment or prescriptions, keep the receipts for later use.

Lost earnings caused by the accident

When your compensation claim is compiled it will be based on any financial hardship due to the accident such as the inability to work so you will lose your usual earnings. Any other expenses you may have had like extra care in the home should be included in your road traffic accident compensation claim. This must be backed up by receipts.

You will need advice about your road traffic accident claim

As long as you have some evidence to prove who caused the road traffic accident, Mary Murphy, the preferred personal injury compensation solicitor in Limerick, will be there to work tirelessly on your behalf to get the road traffic accident compensation you deserve.  Even if your injuries are preventing you from talking to Mary Murphy, as soon as you have recovered sufficiently you can arrange an appointment and start the compensation process.

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