Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Many people love riding motorcycles, as they give a certain sense of freedom compared to driving a car. Motorcycles cost less to run and are easily maneuverable on roads where the space is limited. However, it’s not all good news for motorcyclists as they are much more vulnerable when it comes to road accidents when compared to other motorists. Mary Murphy, Limerick’s key personal injury solicitor, is a specialist in motorcycle accident claims. She will work tirelessly to help victims of motorcycle accidents which were not their fault to get the personal injury compensation they deserve.

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The difference between a motorbike accident claim and a car accident claim

Generally, far more car accidents take place on Limerick’s roads and throughout Ireland than motorbike accidents. Even though there are some serious accidents, many are minor, causing damage to the vehicle and not serious injury. Motorbikes, despite helmets and other protective gear used by riders, provide far less security. This means that when a motorbike accident with a larger vehicle takes place there are often serious, life changing injuries. These are caused by the rider being thrown high in the air or even dragged long distances along the road. Sometimes, they fall into the path of fast moving traffic.  The occupants of cars, on the other hand, do have some protection from the impact that takes place in an accident, even though in a fast head-on collision serious injuries are likely to be the result.

Types of injuries caused in a motorcycle accident

Because a motorbike rider has less protection when an accident takes place, the rider as well as being injured is prone to being traumatised. This can cause psychological problems. Both physical and psychological injuries are considered in a motorcycle accident compensation claim. The sorts of psychological injuries from a motorbike accident could be anything from nervous shock to post-traumatic stress. The symptoms of these are inability to sleep properly, nervous feelings, panic attacks, nightmares, a loss in confidence and impotence. Physical injuries that are often part of motorcycle compensation claims are often serious and life changing such as:

  • Severe bruising,

  • Head injuries,

  • Traumatic brain injuries,

  • Soft tissue injuries,

  • Broken and fractured bones,

  • Facial lacerations,

  • Loss of limbs,

  • Joint injuries, 

  • Fatal injuries.

What are the causes of motorcycle accidents?

According to the Road Safety Authority, motorcycle fatalities are caused by:

  • a motorcyclist crashing into the side of a vehicle turning right when trying to overtake it;

  • a motorcyclist crashing head on into an oncoming vehicle when in the process of overtaking a vehicle driving in front of him/her;

  • a motorcyclist losing total control when cornering and crossing into an oncoming vehicle’s path’

  • crashing into a stationary object;

  • a car driver failing to see a motorcyclist while turning, driving through a road junction, or merging with a main highway from a minor road and as a result crashing into the unaware motorcyclist.

The time limits for filing a motorcycle personal injury claim

Usually, a victim of a motorcycle accident that wasn’t his or her fault has two years from the date of the motorcycle accident to file motorcycle personal injury compensation. Sometimes though, motorcycle injuries are so serious that recovery may be delayed but it may still be possible to claim motorcycle personal injury compensation after the two year time limit has expired.

The process to follow after a motorcycle accident

If the motorcycle accident wasn’t your fault and you are physically able to do so you should start a motorcycle personal injury claim as soon as possible. There is a process to follow to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Record contact details

Before any claim can be made, you need to record key information about the driver who caused your accident. This should include name, phone number, vehicle registration and insurance details. If possible, get the contact details of all witnesses.

Report the motorcycle accident to the Gardai

If the accident is serious, the Gardai will be present before you know it. An accident report will be written which you will have access to when it has been completed. If the Gardai don’t come to the accident scene, you should go to the Garda station yourself to file an accident report which will be recorded in their Traffic Accident Report Book.

Hospital records and medical treatment receipts

If you have to get medical treatment you should ensure that a medical record is written that you can access. You should keep any receipts for medical treatment or prescriptions you have had to pay for. If you need to see a GP or a consultant you should have the proof.  Gathering all the evidence saves time when the motorcycle personal injury compensation claim is compiled.

Earnings lost while recovering from a motorcycle accident

When your compensation claim is compiled consideration is given to any financial hardship you have had to endure as a result of the motorcycle accident. This includes time spent off work while recovering. You should keep any records showing the time spent off work.

If the motorcycle was defective and this was what caused your motorcycle accident you should contact the garage which last performed a service on your motorbike. If you can prove it acted negligently fault you may still be able to claim compensation for your injuries. Also if a poorly maintained road surface caused the accident and you have sufficient proof you may find the council responsible for road maintenance may be required to pay your personal injury compensation.

Contact a motorcycle accident solicitor

It’s important to recover from a serious motorcycle accident without any burdens to deal with. If you need help with filing your motorcycle personal injury claim talk to Mary Murphy, Limerick’s preferred motorcycle personal injury solicitor limerick, as you will feel more at ease while recovering from your ordeal. She will work tirelessly to ensure you get the personal injury compensation you deserve.

How to help your solicitor with your motorcycle accident compensation claim

When you turn up for your appointment with Mary Murphy, you will need to tell her how the motorcycle accident took place, the sorts of injuries you received and what treatment you were given. You will also need to give her the name of the Garda  station who wrote the accident report so she can obtain a copy to support your motorcycle accident claim. She will want the contact details of the negligent driver or other entity, the name of his or her insurer and contact details of witnesses.

Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Motorcycle accidents can lead to severe physical injuries, emotional distress, and significant financial burdens. If you’ve been involved in such an incident, it’s crucial to know that you may be entitled to motorcycle accident compensation. This remuneration can cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and other related costs.

In some cases, victims may also receive compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering. To successfully navigate this complex process and maximize your potential claim, consider consulting with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can guide you through the legal maze, helping you understand your rights and the value of your case.

Bike Accidents

Bicycling, often perceived as a serene journey, can unfortunately take an unforeseen turn into an emergency scenario, particularly when a bike accident occurs. The tranquility of a ride is shattered in an instant, paving the way for potential havoc. In urban sprawls, the confluence of cyclists and motor vehicles can create a precarious ballet of movement, where even a moment’s distraction can lead to an adverse incident.

In the aftermath of a bike accident, the air is thick with the acrid tang of adrenaline and, sometimes, vehicular emissions, as both parties navigate the immediate shock. It is paramount for all involved to remain composed and to swiftly assess any injuries or damages. The cyclist, often the more vulnerable party, must be especially vigilant, as the thrill of the ride can quickly be marred by scrapes, contusions, or even more grievous injuries.

Prevention, however, holds the key to safety. Cyclists must arm themselves with protective gear, embrace reflective clothing for heightened visibility, and adhere to the rhythmic flow of traffic laws. Education on road sharing and dedicated bike lanes are instrumental in reducing the frequency and severity of bike accidents.

As cities evolve and advocate for greener modes of transportation, the narrative surrounding bike accidents must shift towards proactive measures and infrastructural development to safeguard our pedal-powered enthusiasts. It is a collective responsibility, a societal pledge, to ensure that the simple joy of biking remains untarnished by the specter of accidents.

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